Residents in an eight-county area of central Pennsylvania are invited to give their input and share transportation issues to help shape the region’s transportation plans.  SEDA-COG’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is updating its Long Range Transportation Plan which proposes practical solutions to transportation safety, maintenance, congestion, and mobility needs for the region that includes Mifflin, Juniata, and Snyder Counties.  The plan identifies transportation needs for a 20-year planning horizon, and is required to be updated at five-year intervals.  The survey is open now through March 3rd, and can be found at


Researchers at Geisinger have found that a computer algorithm developed using echocardiogram videos of the heart can predict mortality within a year.  The algorithm—an example of artificial intelligence (AI)—outperformed other clinically used predictors. The results of the study were published in Nature Biomedical Engineering.  Imaging is critical to treatment decisions in most medical specialties and has become one of the most data-rich components of the electronic health record (EHR).